Factory Directly Supply Hot Sale Stainless Steel Lined PTFE/PFA Pipe Tee

Steel Lined PTFE/PFA Pipe tee

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Factory directly supply Hot Sale Stainless Steel Lined PTFE/PFA Pipe tee


Steel lined polytetrafluoroethylene pipeline is suitable for strongly corrosive gas and liquid at high temperature, other types of steel-plastic composite pipe and metal pipe uncomfortable transportation medium, steel lined PTFE pipe is suitable. The steel steel ined PTFE pipe is suitable for corrosive medium with working temperature of-40 ~ 150 . RANA steel lined tetrafluoro pipe, using professional tight lining technology, negative pressure and vacuum resistance, one-time molding seamless, flat and solid, not concave. Widely used in electric power, chemical industry, petrochemical products, environmental protection and other industries.