Customized F40 Pipe Join For Chemicals Pipe Fitting

Customized F40 Pipe Join for Chemicals Pipe Fitting

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Customized F40 Pipe Join for Chemicals Pipe Fitting

F4 powder molding lining is an isobody, isostatic, isothermal manufacturing process, which has undergone the evolution of the process of extruding tubes (loose lining, tight lining), PTFE tape winding, and ptfe winding with internal steel wire and steel mesh. So far, the F4 powder molding lining technology is the fifth-generation product of the F4 lining. It can be used under conditions of higher positive and negative pressure, high temperature and strong corrosion. The liner will not peel off, swell or suck, swell and deform even at temperature within 200 ° C and the vacuum is below 0.096mpa,alternately cold and hot operation, so as to achieve the integration of steel and fluorine.